Tuesday, July 26, 2005


All done with Math! YEAAAAAH!!!!!

Today, I went in and did that one last problem, on the last test and it was funny, Maria sent me back the first time cuz I was simply wrong, sent me back the second time because I didn't set it up write, I am such a nit befor I have some coffee!
So I set it up right, and had the same answer so she checked it on her calculator, and it was the correct answer and set up correctly, so that is all over. I feel so liberated to be able to do this without a major struggle, without it hurting my brain or raiseing my temperature! Anyway I came home and rested, then I begzn getting rid of some of th paper that has piled up here since the last quarter, I have a HUGE garbage bag full of stuff to get rid of. I also need to call Lydia's Treasures to get the things that my son and I can't wear. Someone else may as well have those things, they are in good condition. Yesterday i finished my embroidered denim shirt and it looks super. I will start the next one soon. I will put more work on that one.
I also took the nickle plated ball chain off my necklace, it's been slowly wearing off and it looked bloody awful. I did a new necklace with bone beads that are white and two blue and white chevron beads. At least it won't slowly poison me, or leave ugly gray stuff on my neck. It looks pretty good. What I really wanted was some plain melon shaped silver beads, these will do until I find some real silver melon shaped beads.
Comment on the story of the oldest female prison inmate in the U.S. Maaan I hate old people acting like teenage drama queens! This woman damn near kills this old man, but I also can see how it happened, he was USEING her. I hate religious pimps. He was claimning to be a minister and that was his way of seeing lots of women. He should be ashamed. She should be for shooting him. I would instead have exposed him as a fraud. Well on the upside, she has complete medical care, and cleaner sourroundings than she migh have if she was at liberty. She's safe from muggers, rapeists and other religious frauds.
So many old ladies give their money to religious frauds. . .just ask any televangelist!
The man she shot was doing the same thing on a more one to one level. he sounded like a total weasel to me. She shouldn't have shot him though.
Both of them really seemed to me to be people of diminished capacity.

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