Saturday, March 05, 2005


Well this was kind of fun...*wel*

The Mexican neighbors got a little loud, some kind of party, probably to mark the unseasonably decent weather in our Gulag. I mean if the normal weather of this place is cold for me, a geniune descendant of cold weather peoples, what must it be for Mexicans!???
Anyway, most of the time I like Mexican music, and don't mind if it is live and cranked up but this was Mexican rap and narco-corridos, and frankly not my favorite genres of Mexican music. after a couple hours of this, at TOP volume, I decided to take action.
A Makedonian chap sent me some Makedonian bag-pipe music, which is loud, but technically pretty good, and I had some loud Bosnian music, and some loud Serbian music. I alternated the loudest variants of each type of music, and well after this one really good Serbian trumpet number, and a couple LOUD examples of Makedonian bag-pipes, played at stun the Mexican music's volume went down. They must have realized I was serious after the second Makedonian bag-pipe tune, a lovely number called 'Crnagorka'. Their music was loud, but no longer too loud for a Saturday night in the student ghetto of the Yakima Gulag.
I have commented in other people's blogs a bit about the recent nasty weather in the Balkans. It will likely flood there too a bit later. It's already doing so in Bulgaria when the snow melts, it floods just in time for new snow.
Sarajevo has had very cold weather, -17 Celsius.

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