Monday, March 21, 2005


Thanks to Mario's CyberspaceStation!

This I thought was a very thorough point by point rebuttal of Serbian Stalinist propaganda which sadly infests the left end of the political spectrum.
I'm not a huge Stephen Schwartz fan, but when someone is right, then they should be acknowleged.

I get tired of the left wing denial of attrocities in the Balkans being about the same as the right wing denial of the same attrocities. It is a bit hard on the Cognitive Dissonace machine to look at and see their defense of Milosevic rants and then turn right around and hear someone like Rush Limbaughm, Sean Hannity or Mike Savage defend the same man from their side useing left wing arguments and information. Like can't they at least come up with their own lies? Must they share? It really is painful to witness.

The folks at have nothing better they can use on Stephen Schwartz than his apparent religious promiscuity? His exploration of other religions probably opened doors he would otherwise have found closed. He also is speaking the truth, that the Serbs got a better press than they deserved and the Croats and Bosnians and Albanians ALL got a worse press than they deserved.

It is about time that the extreme Marxist-Leninist leftist and the extreme John Birch Society rightists stopped with the love-fest already! ! ! I am tired of it for one thing. For another it's disgusting. It reminds me of the Stalin-Hitler Pact.

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