Monday, March 14, 2005


A signal honour!

It's really nice of Gordy to visit my space, and to comment! I feel very honoured by this fact.

It was warm today and I knocked off the last of my finals with not too much difficulty.
Medical Billing right now deals a lot with insurance matters. In the U.S. insurance is a needlessly complex matter. I used to be an insurance agent, before Osama's nasty little surprise deprived me of my liveliehood. Medical Billing is more detailed than insurance for the simple reason that there are too many insurance companies in the U.S. This has something to do with Capitalism, an economic theory I consider as outmoded as Marxism.

I kind of favor a mixed system. Some things like medicine in my opinion should be socialized. Agriculture should NOT be socialized for the same reasonsthat agribusiness is bad, overuses of unsustainable methods.

The U.S. was a freer country when there were mostly small farms. I am NOT saying life was easier because definately it wasn't. It was harder, but who says freedom is easy?

Socialized medicine would work to lower medical costs by cutting out paperwork. There is way too damn much jebame paperwork in medicine, and it wastes everyone's time.Besides insurance companies have way too much lobbying power.

Anyway, I spent a peaceful day after that researching the Counts of Cilli for a friend in Canada. Got bored with that, because like how much can one STAND to read about poor old Ulrich II von Cilli who was bashed in the head by Hunyadi over something I barely understand. Probably just plain for badness sake. I mean it was the Middle Ages, people did that stuff then. Apparently there is a whole BOOK devoted to the skulls of the Counts of Celje a.k.a. Cilli. Must be a lot of them got their heads bashed in.

The math class is getting together March 17 for a re:run of the last symposium. I am using the word correctly, it indeed will be a drinking party. It seems to have escaped EVERYBODY that that day is St. Patricks Day, a day when a lot of fake Irish people get together to get really drunk really fast on really bad green beer and to listen to fake Irish music. I prefer real Irish music.
Most of them know less about Ireland than I do.
I actually am only a fourth Irish, roughly kindasorta, and I actually speak Irish. So some of these people seriously get on my nerves. I was the one to introduce REAL Irish music into the Gulag, when I arrived here to be a zek some 18 years ago.

The other research I did was about the Rurikovich Dynasty in Russia. I found out that my father actually has a lot of physical features in common with Igor Rurikovich, who is counted as the founder of the Russian Navy.
It is really very funny becaues these facial features survived so perfectly in his side of the family.
My mother's side actually have maintained Angevin features, and it is almost creepy to put pictures of her, myself, my daughter, and my grand daughter in a line, because we look alike, my children are half Asian Indian, so the resemblence is even more startleing. My son looks more like his father's end of the family, he looks very Middle Eastern.

I should point out that the Balkans heritage in my family tree is by way of my mother, who died not knowing that about us. The evidence was all there,right in her library, it would not have required the Internet to find it out, just a few hours of free time with the old books I kept of hers. In fact that was how I began to suspect it.

Either she just never put two and two together or she was in deep, deep denial.

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