Tuesday, March 01, 2005


just thougth this might be fun to look at, it was on the Former Art Bell Show Coast to Coast AM

the decoding of Mabus for Bush cannot be ruled out. It may also be possible that Nostradamus has mistakenly seen a composite of several people as one figure. Since my first book, written back in 1986, I have posed a theory that the farther Nostradamus looks into the future the more likely is the chance that the strangeness of our distant times are cloudier and harder to interpret through the filter of a mind programmed by the limitations of the 16th century.

It's about time someone besides the Usual Suspects WAS a Suspect.

I heard this at nearly 5:00 AM in the early morning.

Incidentally why are there no White Supremicists in Abu Ghraib? They are terrorists too, they killed two relatives of a judge in Chicago. I am tired of that kind of plainly political violence doesn't get what it deserves if fascists commit that action.

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