Monday, March 28, 2005


In the Yakima Gulag People's Intstitute of Higher Re:Education...lines...of Soviet Proportions!

Well the news for today is funny almost. Went to classes as scheduled to find that my paper on Sefardi in Sarajevo did not to badly. It was a 78. I had typos and errors but it ws readable, and after all I am a good researcher so the instructor enjoyed the paper itself. That is important, make a paper enjoyable or interesting in some way, and if it bombs at least you don't totally lose your instructor's respect, and another thing, I really believe in research. I can do it in three languages so I probably do it better than the average bear, but even a monolinguist can do good research these days.

To the lines in the headline...The line was of truely Soviet proportions, it snaked through the area people walk through in the Hopeless Union Building three times and then into the Allegedly Quiet Lounge, which was for the day a noisy place. There were some bright spots in the wait, one must go get one's Student ID card stamped that is to say a brightly colored sticker with the current quarter is attached.. A red headed young man who'se name I don't know expedited this process much like some banks now do. Happy happy fun fun! Then I went to be in the line a while. Tnen the part of the ling reserved for patronymics like mine got to be short so my part of the alphabet got to go in sooner. Anyway I had a thing on my paper that I was on academic probation. Well something must have changed because I got my check right away! So I said thank you and got my dupa out of there quick to put the money in the bank. I still am broke but I'm less broke. One piece of extreme good news, the checks from now on are going to be mailed to the recipients! YES, does this mean we need to do the S.A.P form next quarter? How much will we have to wait? If only the book store could just mail the agency people their books too!
jooooj that would be great! Well to see something move to convenience from inconvenience is lovely and very welcome.

Former Galaxy Collegue has an article in Tuesday's Yakima Herald Republic! Donna Buse has an article in tomorrow's paper, in the Unleashed section. All Zeks are advised to read this article

Congradulations to Donna from both Centralni Komitet and Ministarstvo Veselje!
(That's Central Committe and the Ministry of Joy for all you non-Zek type peoples)

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