Sunday, March 20, 2005


Have a look at this site!

I am sorry to do this in the copy and paste mode but this site has been wierd about linx, and you have to see this. The photos section is particularly of interest.
Middle Eastern Christians hold a special fascination for me as I used to know a great many such people. I always respected them for actually being Christians and I think the Christians in the West have much to learn from them. One facet of the war in Iraq which has greatly distressed me is that Christianity is in danger of being uprooted totally in the Eastern world and the U.S. is very responsible for this fact.

Have a look at the photos and read it, this is interesting.

Incidentally Balkans Christians both Catholic and Orthodox remained closer to the customs in the Middle East far longer than in the rest of Europe. They were made to feel bad about this many times, but they were closer to the mark...

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