Thursday, March 17, 2005


The great American Drinking Festival is Today

well after the nasty dust storm yesterday, it is nice out. I'm relieved it calmed down.

there were a lot of accidents and there is a rumor a plane went down. Also the roof of an athletic club was blown off. Power was knocked off here and there, the National People's Educational Radio was knocked off the air and Kapitalist Idiot Transmiter didn't coeme in very clear either. I'm glad today is a nice day, and oh bsefore I forget, there is a lot of snow up in the Iron Gate, that is such a cool place name, I'm renameing Snoqualmie Pass the Iron Gate just for giggles.

My math class is getting ready for a real nice time later today. I burned some MC Hawking for my math teacher. I hope I at least got a D out of there. I know that doesn't sound very ambitious but for me a D in a college level math course constitutes a vast step forward, it beats totally flunking middle school and high school level math.
The only math class I ever passed was Business Math, and it was really not a math class, they explained how to fill out a check, and insurance and maybe a little about interest. Only about a fourth of the homework was actually math. I got the other stuff. I got like a C out of that class. It was as I said not really a math class.
I'm stealing something totally tasteless but funny from another website, The Glory of Carniola. They had a cartoon that made me laugh myself sick a little bit ago. Since it's in Serbian and I presume most of my readers do not read Serbian, I'm stealing the English language version for your further education....

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