Friday, March 18, 2005


Cops Yakima Gulag

Yesterday, while my classmates, math instructor and I were having a few peaceful pitchers of the 'traditional' green beer, a classmate pointed out that there was a hostage drama going on. Of course all of us mentally sent up a prayer for the hostage. I admit it, I wished the cops would shoot the guy. I am so sick of this sort of shit. It doesn't happen often in our gulag, thank God, but I hate the people who do these things and I wish they got shot more often. As it happens the police were able to get the guy and no harm to the poor victim, a female clerk at the 17-11.

Walmart settles. Well the biggest kapitiliscki thug svinje on the planet got theirs. Walmart had to settle for 1. Hireing all those illegal aliens, from all parts of the known universe, I mean Uzbeks for pity's sake! they had a Mongol or two. I'm not so sure there weren't a few Klingons, which brings us to the next point, 2. They had to pay for not paying these people properly, injury compensation, insurance, etc. not to mention not the proper wages, and 3, Did I mention the lock-ins?
I'm glad they got noticed for it, and people sued. No one should be hireing illegal aliens deliberately for any reason. I know it can happen accidentally but certain jobs simply wind up as limited to illegal aliens. It's not just that it's hard miserable work, it's not just that Americans have a bad work ethic, which many do, it's that companies don't want to pay fairly and illegals make it easier to exploit native born Americans and even legally present aliens. It sets up a bad social atmosphere, one of exploitation of the working poor, and even further up the scale.

The outsourceing thing, which isn't being discussed much lately is a similar thing. American conmpanies need to hire American first, and restrict the hireing of foreign people to things Americans really don't do well. American people generally need to get over their aversion to physical work. There is nothing wrong with physical work. I bet some would get over it for decent pay and benefits. So it's a two way street.
I don't see the pride in hard work people had once, when I was very small.

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