Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Big Dust Storm in the Gulag

The Gulag has been about shut down by a massive dust storm, people ploughed because of it is spring, and because there has been insufficiant precipitation the soil is dry and it's windy so now the wind is carrying off the soil, plus there is volcanic dust in the soil so it's nasty out. I am glad not tho have to go anywhere.

Languages. In the U.S. there is now a move for an official language. I think this is stupid.
340+ languages are spoken in the U.S., California has the most and Wyoming the least languages.
I get so sick of the English only crowd. They are being unreasonable.

Now it's all about assimilation. Assimilation does NOT equal being a good citizen of a place. It just equals doing what you are told.

Some people are so damned insecure about a little different way of doing things, that it is not menatlly healthy.

I hear those people and I think of the Malvina Reynolds song so descriptive of their lifestyle.
Little Houses All Made of Ticky-Tacky

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