Thursday, October 27, 2005


Serbian who shot down stealth bomber talks

This article is interesting on any number of levels. I've never been a huge fan of gadgets and high tech in war. After a certain point it really is not so effective. The more moveing parts you got the more stuff can break.... or be broken.

The other thing is no one should ever underestimate the determination of any people to defend their country. Americans often make the mistake of underestimateing the patriotism of opponants.

That is always a serious mistake whatever you may think of the justice of your opponants cause.

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Well an airplane is so big that I think people kind of know when one is shot down, but who'se to say, I wasn't there to know for myself, and even if I'd been there I sould not say that qualified me to know because getting accurate news in a war zone isn't always the easiest thing.
It certainly would not look well for the U.S. if more than a couple planes were shot down. Incidentally on radio security, Danis Tanovic was probably pretty accurate on the subject. If journalists could pick that stuff up OF COURSE the JNA and various RS forces were picking it up.
The radio traffic was a joke.

There was an instance in Bratunac or Srebrenica, I think, about a raid to arrest an indicted war criminal.

The raid was a failure because the R/S police were monitoring the enitre operation live on the raido as it happened.

There is no "radio-security"!
Dude we are in real time!
That stealth bomber was INVISIBLE!!!
CNN said so, so it MUST be true.
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