Saturday, February 25, 2006


This is not good news...

Most people are going to assume the only Bosnian Rwandan connection is genocide, and that killer bit in No Man's Land where the one Bosnian soldier is reading to his buddy how awful things are in Rwanda.
No there's more and you are not going to like it, sorry but you better know.

Rwanda Bosnian connection

Well, no thank you, but thank you. I shouldn't be amazed at the way there's always something still to amaze me - but ....
This actually reminded me of an indicent I was involved with at the Amsterdam airport.

I was flying home for the frist time. The only thing is I few strait from SJJ, Sarajevo. Being that I was leaving Bosnia my passport was only ispected for the usual stuff, expiration date, picture..ect..ect

Well, when I got to Amsterdam and was about to board my flight to America I was chosen for that so called "extra-screening" thing.

I handed over my passport to the agent at the terminal and he began asking me all these questions.

I told him that I just came from Bosnia, I showed him my SFOR ID. He then asked me why I hadn't any entry or exit stamps from Bosnia or from anywhere else for that matter.

I got my passport in Washington before my departure from there to Tuzla. Well, Tuzla is home the "Eagle Base". I flew from American soil striat to the base just outside Tuzla. So my passport wasn't even looked at when I landed at that base. So there for it wasn't stamped with a entry approval from customes from Bosnia.

The airline agent at the gate started to get flustered and thought I was lying to him. He just couldn't beleive that I could fly from America into Bosnia and then to Amsterdam without having my passport stamped by someone. I was even pulled into a "private" room where two other guys came in and asked me futher questions.

Eventually I was released and just barely made the flight. But, once back in Chicago I got the same kind of flack from the U.S. side.

Needless to say it was a unique trip that I will never forget.

I only mention this because this article reminded me of this. I wasn't involved with anything of the nature of this article.

I guess it just goes to show that if someone like me, a nobody, can make it into three different countires without ever having his passport stammped because of the U.S. way of doing things, then it's really not surprising that stuff like this is going on.

I've actually known for a while now that the Government of Bosnia, with the approval from America, has been selling weapons to other countries.

John, I crossed back and forth illegally between BiH and Croatia so many times it's not funny, and I wasn't even up to anything more interesting than going on shopping trips for food.
The whole stupid business with the foot and mouth was going on, and the customs guys saw it as their chance to get a decent amount of meat in their diet. There was never any foot and mouth anyplace in the Balkans but there was a big panic. Even the legal crossings didn't get my passport stamped since I had a three month permission to be in croatia. The BGosnian customs post wasn't even operational, they had some U.N. guy in there because all the Croat customs guys had a strike at the time and it was not an area where any of the customs guys were Muslim. So insteaad of the BiH flag at the border there was a UN flag displayed and some young guy who looked scared to me.
The Croat guys just passed us through because they all knew my fiance's car and him and he wasn't worth shaking down. Even when we had purchased meat we'd say we'd only bought eggs!
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